Sierra Stone "Covers Your Ugly"

Is your pool deck our courtyard getting old and cracked? Is it unattractive? Unsafe?

A Sierra Stone or Rubber Stone overlay from NuRock Creations is a great solution! These stone and epoxy products breathe life into old surfaces, giving them an attractive new look without the cost and burden of demolition. Plus, their naturally porous texture is slip resistant for improved safety. It’s like getting a whole new deck in relatively no time at all!

Use the slider to see the "before-and-after" of a Sierra Stone installation

Sierra Stone is versatile!

Use it to instantly transform almost any hard surface, indoors or out!

Rubber Stone for a softer solution

Rubber Stone is another overlay product installed by NuRock Creations. It can be used in almost all the same applications as Sierra Stone but adds even more safety, making it a favorite for recreation areas and athletic courts.

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A great new look for your pool deck or patio made easy with a Sierra Stone overlay.